Access across the street on Baptist Lane
About the Niantic Bay Boardwalk

The town of East Lyme features one of, if not, the nicest waterfront walkways in the entire state of Connecticut. Residents of East Lyme know, the Niantic Bay Boardwalk is the place to go if you want to take in the beauty of Long Island Sound, take a refreshing walk or sit for awhile on one of the many benches. Built with state and federal funds, the Boardwalk is 1.1 miles long, stretching from Cini Park and the railroad bridge on the east, to Hole-in-the-Wall beach on the west.

The eastern half is a true "boardwalk" (although built of synthetic materials) crossing over dunes covered with native vegetation. Between this section and the waters of Long Island Sound is a lovely white-sand beach, open to the public, perfect for sunbathing, swimming, picnicking, fishing, or just enjoying the view.The western half of the boardwalk is a wide gravel path, built on a rock foundation. Along this section, the waves lap against the rocks, and you feel truly close to nature as you walk along. Don't be surprised if you spot a seal or two swimming in the Bay! This section has sustained some damage in recent storms, and is undergoing maintenance, but it is still open to the public.